Volunteers of the New Jersey VegFest: Rich Cohen

When we launched the vegan pop up shops at the Laundromat Bar in Morristown, we wanted to get the word out about how great the food was and we turned to Morris Area Society of Homebrewers to send some taste testers. One of them was Rich Cohen, who we are now happy to have on our team as a volunteer for the New Jersey VegFest on October 7 & 8. If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up right now here or join our New Jersey VegFest Volunteers group on Facebook.


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Rich Cohen

“I have been a Vegetarian for over two and a half years (my wife Stephanie has been a Vegan for the same period of time).  I changed my eating habits at the same time I began running to get in shape.  I lost about 70 pounds, just ran my 10th 5K and run between 15 and 20 miles a week.  I attended two of the Vegan Pop-Ups in Morristown in the Spring, including one where I was one of three food tasters that Kendra recruited from my homebrew club.  I wanted to volunteer because I support the cause, believe in what you are doing and wanted to help out.”