Volunteers of the New Jersey VegFest: Lorelle Shea

Many thanks to Lorelle Shea for volunteering to help at the New Jersey VegFest this October and all the other work she has done to help animals. This is a pretty impressive list and we are happy to have her join us!


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Hi, my name is Lorelle! I love connecting people to resources, information, and experiences that positively impact their own lives, and the lives of others. I am so excited to be a part of this year’s New Jersey VegFest! Since going vegan in 2010, I’ve delivered presentations to local universities, written op-eds, solicited press coverage, photographed events, marched, held vigil, leafleted, tabled, and educated countless individuals one-on-one across the state. As the former Co-Founder of NJ Farm Animal Save, I helped lead an all-volunteer group as we shut down Catelli Brothers’ veal calf slaughterhouse near Red Bank, NJ in March of 2016. The future of this movement is in our hands. When we bring our presence, our diverse perspectives, and our talents and knowledge to the table, we are actively building a bridge to a more peaceful, compassionate world for animals as well as each other. A huge thank you to the organizers for making this year’s events possible!