Volunteers of the New Jersey VegFest: Eleanor Santo Domingo

We love all these stories about how people ended up volunteering for the New Jersey VegFest! If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up right now here or join our New Jersey VegFest Volunteers group on Facebook.


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 My name is Eleanor Santo Domingo and this is my first time volunteering for New Jersey VegFest.  I’m so excited! I’m a mom of 2 teenagers, and am finally finding some time for myself by getting back to my passion for all things food, and more recently, nutrition and health. I’m a professionally trained chef with a focus on events and recipe writing, and am the co-founder of a now defunct (boo hoo!) vegan snack called Batter Junkies. I have an insatiable appetite for food documentaries, nutrition books and cookbooks of all kinds, and have recently started going more plant-based as a better way to live, and fuel my body for running races.  While in the process of becoming 100% plant-based, I have dragged some friends and family members with me. (Hopefully they’ll thank me later.) I can’t wait to share with them everything I learn at NJ VegFest so we can all move towards a more healthful, whole food, plant-based lifestyle together! See you on October 7th!