Volunteers of the New Jersey VegFest: Chris Schalago &Sarah Calantonio

The New Jersey VegFest on October 7 & 8 is our biggest event so far and that means we need a lot of amazing and generous people to help us out; many thanks to Chris Schalago and Sarah Colantonio for taking time out of their New Jersey VegFest weekend to help make it happen.  If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up right now here or join our New Jersey VegFest Volunteers group on Facebook.
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Chris Schalago + Sarah Colantonio

Chris Schalago + Sarah Colantonio

We are a couple that follow a plant-based lifestyle not only for our health, but for our love of animals. We are excited to volunteer at the upcoming New Jersey VegFest to help spread awareness and the positive impacts that come with being vegan.
Chris is a Software Engineer with a passion for gaming, and Sarah is a Marketing Coordinator who loves to bake and embroider in her spare time.